Tangent: Remembering the power of Twitter

In working on a side project, I was reminded of just how cool and powerful the tweet can be.

See, if it weren’t for Twitter, I might not have taken the archives track. While working on a group project during my undergrad time at UMBC, I visited the library trying to find some items about the history of the school. A trip to the reference desk yielded directions to the university archives and special collections (not easily found!). In one short hour, the history of the university was spread before me and I couldn’t contain my excitement:



The next day, fate (or the excellent Lindsey Loeper) intervened and Special Collections became my home for the next two years:

Tweet3A few years later, I was struggling to find a field study to wrap up my masters program. An opportunity I was really excited about had fallen through, so I reached out into the ether and was rewarded:



To be fair, I already worked in the same building as Cassie, but it was still a fascinating moment of coincidence.

So without Twitter, I wouldn’t have built on my interest in archives and spent hours upon hours on comics books or ArchivesSpace.

It’s a funny thing, these old tweets. Remember this the next time someone tries to downplay the power of 140 characters. They might just shape your future.



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