Summer Reading! (now 100% dude-free)

Inspired by Bill Gates’ summer reading list devoid of women authors, I’ve decided that

A.) I should also publish a list of things I’m planning on reading this summer.

2.) Said list should be as devoid of fellas as old Billy Boy’s was of women.

So here are my five! It wasn’t that hard, Bill!

The Beekeeper’s Apprentice- Laurie R. King (I started this and ran out of time before, so this time I got the audiobook. I’ve read another in the series and like her twist on Sherlock.)

Rosemary- Kate Clifford Larson (I’ve always been fascinated by the Kennedy story, and it’s long past time that Rosemary’s is told)

The Girls of Atomic City- Denise Kierman (I remember reading some about Oak Ridge in Richard Feynman’s books, but never knew the whole story)

Parable of The Sower- Octavia Butler (I’ve been meaning to read more of her work- I didn’t care for Fledgling, but this one comes highly recommended.)

Moral Disorder- Margaret Atwood (the first of her short story collections I’ve dipped into.)

Add your own suggestions in the comments, please and thank you!


Twitter never fails, if you only stop and ask:

Eira Tansey (@eiratansey) has a great list from her year (a whole year, Bill!) of only reading women authors.

@widelight suggests:

empathy exams (leslie jamison)

untamed state (roxanne gay)

citizen (claudia rankine)

how should a person be (sheila heti)

And @adravan added:

The Warmth of Other Suns- Isabel Wilkerson

Station Eleven- Emily St. John Mandel

I’ll add more to a future post, but you get the picture, right Bill? There’s a whole world of authors out there, and life is too short to limit yourself!


2 thoughts on “Summer Reading! (now 100% dude-free)

  1. I’m a big fan of Willa Cather novels. One of the best American author, with strong women characters.

    I also recommend Whose Names are Unknown by Sanora Babb. Steinback ripped off her idea to write Grapes of Wrath and also got published first, so no one was willing to publish Babb’s novel after that since ‘that idea had already been done.’ It was finally published in 2004 and is a great book.

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